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With talented staff and unmatched experience, Global-5 has earned its place as a leader in the field of Transportation Communications.


Today – following our 20 years of success – several forward-looking companies and agencies recently asked us to join them in projects that will help define the future of automated and connected vehicles. At the same time, we also are playing a vital role in the public-private partnership considered the largest transportation project in Florida history. Moreover, our partners include the Federal Highway Administration; state and local Departments of Transportation; transit and toll agencies; and global leaders in infrastructure and design.


But we don’t just list achievements. We keep growing. We’re adding new skills, even as our fast-changing field continues to unfold and as we support multiple efforts to improve safety and mobility around the state and nation.


Why is Global-5 uniquely positioned to lead in Transportation Communications? This is a key moment in our field. Both transportation and communication have reached crucial turning points; both are being transformed by emerging technologies and changing social trends. We embrace that. We already know that new ideas about mobility arise daily on test tracks, in think tanks, at private companies, on government committees and, increasingly, by way of public-private partnerships. How do we know? Because we’ve worked with all of them.


How did we gain our expertise? We’ve partnered with the infrastructure builders, thought leaders, technology innovators and public agencies. We’ve facilitated conferences between all four. We’ve seen the technology tested. We’ve messaged about nearly every aspect on every conceivable platform. We’ve helped manage the daily needs and crisis communications of those in the field, and we have educated the public about coming changes. 


Hands-on experience?  We’ve helped transportation organizations clarify their goals and design their strategies by conducting focus groups. We’ve helped motorists drive more safely by planning and managing extensive, real-time highway alert systems. We’ve created the websites and sent out the notices to media and motorists that keep the public moving safely. We’ve built public understanding and acceptance for complicated projects.


Who are our communications partners? In our office, we have the professionals who can counsel companies that build roads and bridges around the world. In addition, we have staffers who directly communicate with the public – motorists, neighborhood groups and business organizations. Members of our team also can handle TV appearances, large public meetings, data analysis and multi-lingual messaging. We support those efforts with expertise in print, video, website and digital production and more.


How many levels do we work on? While we may partner with national and international groups, we still take the time to call thousands of individual local businesses (as large as a hospital with many branches or as small as a single tailor without internet address or fax) that might be affected when roadwork begins. And we follow up with individual emails offering detailed information to increase awareness.


We have the creative spark, technical knowhow and driving concern to do it the right way to help you in a variety of formats in a fast-paced field.


What services do we offer? Our public and media relations, knowledge transfer, marketing, digital production, and mobile app and web development teams work daily to improve safety and mobility nationwide. Headquartered in Orlando, Global-5 works throughout Florida and coast-to-coast for the Federal Highway Administration, state and local Departments of Transportation, transit and toll agencies, and infrastructure designers and builders involved in Public Private Partnerships (P3s). We specialize in creating outreach campaigns and public information and training programs for the world’s largest infrastructure projects, freight managers, and next generation Intelligent Transportation Systems including connected vehicles, advanced 511 systems, variable speed limits, value pricing projects, and managed lanes.


What sets us apart: Our cross-functional teams have decades of experience and work together under one roof managing outreach and training strategies. Our in-house digital production and design studios create branding, video, websites, and the full array of training, marketing and media relations materials needed to launch and increase awareness, understanding and usage of new products and technologies.


Global-5 projects improve safety and mobility, build a foundation for thriving communities, and create the transportation corridors of the future. Whether explaining the benefits of P3s or preparing the public for the convergence of connected and automated vehicles, our teams of professionals are always finding fresh ways to illustrate how transportation projects enhance regional economic development and promote prosperity. After 20 years, we plan to deliver even more positive results for decades to come.


What can we create for you?


If you represent a city, county, transit authority, municipal planning organization or other transportation agency on the path to deployment, let us put our experience to work for you!


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